Untril Overstreet claimed last week that he was "beaten up" by Davenport Police. 

From our partners at KWQC:

40-year-old Untril Overstreet said he and his girlfriend, Elisha Dunlap, were driving near 9th and Fillmore on Friday morning when an officer first pulled them over. According to the couple, police asked Overstreet to get out of the vehicle. Police said Overstreet was aggressive with them and fled on foot before officers tased him. Dunlap said she watched Friday’s incident unfold from the driver’s seat. She claims police jumped on Overstreet’s back and face after tasing him.

“I just ran, I hit that dude’s hand and I ran, they tased me and that’s all I remember, I wasn’t violent after then,” Overstreet said.

Here is the video, released today, from the Davenport Police Department.