Mississippi Valley Fair Grandstand Acts Have Been Announced

Shawn Loter dropped by the WLLR studios this morning with details on this year's Mississippi Valley Fair. LOTS of details. Like, the first 5 nights of grandstand acts! Here's the line up...

TUESDAY (August 4th): LoCash

WEDNESDAY (August 5th): Keith Urban

THURSDAY (August 6th): Shinedown

FRIDAY (August 7th): Old Dominion

SATURDAY (August 8th): Pitbull

SUNDAY (August 9th): TBA

Fun Cards and Pepsi #1 Cards go on sale December 7th at the Starlight Ballroom from 8am to 4pm. This year, the cards are already printed up, so there will be no need to return a voucher for a fun card. The Pepsi WLLR #1 cards are $90. General Fun Cards are $75.

Shawn is hoping to be able to announce the Sunday act soon. Stay tuned...

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