Lamar Odom's Manager Shuts Down Rumors That He Was Kidnapped

Lamar Odom was not kidnapped, as per a statement from the NBA star's manager, which was released on Wednesday (October 3).

In case you missed out, blogosphere rumors reported that Odom was kidnapped in June over a gambling debt and held hostage while visiting a woman named Savanna Waldrop in Portland. "The kidnapping is false, it's a lie, it's made up," Odom's manager, Zoul El Fassi, told E! News. "He does know her. He's not going to deny that but she was just a girl he used to party with." Meanwhile, Odom's publicist, Eve Sarkisyan-Nunn, also chimed in on the rumors, insisting that there's no truth to the matter. "We are aware of the false story circulating around regarding Lamar. We are not denying that Lamar does know this woman, however she was merely an acquaintance."

Lamar broke his silence on the rumors via Instagram, tossing some humor into the mix. "I also got lost in a rabbit hole together with my kidnapers, Rapunzel and the 7 dwarfs saved me!" he captioned a shot of a Radar Online report. "We all lived happily ever after. Can you please add this to the story? Don't leave out the juicy facts. This bulls**t makes me wanna start my own gossip online platform and report stories only about me. What y'all think?"

Photo: Getty Images

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