Former NBA Player Found Dead Inside Home

Tyler Honeycutt

A former NBA player was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home following an armed standoff in which he opened fire on police officers. According to ABC7, family members confirmed that Tyler Honeycutt had died. 

Honeycutt's mother called police after he started acting erratically. Honeycutt, who played two seasons with the Sacramento Kings, opened fire on the responding officers and barricaded himself inside the home when they returned fire.

Police were unable to open a line of communication with Honeycutt, and after nearly eleven hours a SWAT team stormed the house and found an unresponsive male inside. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 


Police did not release his identity or how he died. No officers were injured during the gunfight or when they entered the home. 

Photo: Getty Images


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