Armed Man Near San Francisco Airport Fatally Shot By Police

San Francisco International Airport Named Best In Customer Service

Photo: Getty Images

An armed man was shot and killed by police near the San Francisco International Airport on Thursday (January 20) morning. Officers responded to the area after a TSA agent reported that a man was acting suspiciously near the entrance to the airport's Bay Area Rapid Transit station.

Airport spokesman Doug Yakel said that officers found a man brandishing a gun and tried to deescalate the situation. However, the man continued to threaten the officers, so they "attempted "non-lethal measures" to subdue him. Despite their efforts, the suspect, who has not been identified, "continued to advance, at which time SFPD officers fired shots to neutralize the threat."

Yakel said that a bystander suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene and released.

Train service was temporarily suspended, but operations at the airport were not impacted.

"The entire incident happened in the terminal. It didn't happen at BART. It was near the entrance of our station but not at our station," a BART spokesperson said.

Officials have not provided any details about why the suspect was at the train station or information about the nature of the threats he was making. Investigators do not believe the incident is related to an act of terrorism.

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