Ric Bucher: Kyrie Irving Should Face Blame For Instigating Celtics Fans

Ric Bucher: “To say that Kyrie Irving is absolved of any part of fans of Boston being upset with him – I mean going into the series he says ‘well, I hope you people don’t act racist!’, which is this passive-aggressive, like what?? Are there racists in Boston? Yes. Are there racist Boston Celtics fans? Yes, but you’re poking the bear. And then you go out onto the floor and rub your foot onto the eye of the leprechaun for everybody to see. You’re ASKING for a reaction. I’m in no way defending throwing a bottle or doing any of that, but when you have crazy people and then you kind of incite them to do something crazy, I have to question what YOUR motives and intentions are as well… Again, I am in no way defending throwing anything on the court, but to suggest that this came out of the blue I can’t go that far. Whether you want to say big or small, Kyrie had a hand in what transpired.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to FS1 NBA insider Ric Bucher join The Doug Gottlieb Show to explain why he thinks Kyrie Irving absolutely played a part in triggering some of the recent player vs. fan hostilities during the NBA Playoffs.

Check out the video above as Bucher details why he thinks Irving was responsible for goading Boston fans into reacting negatively towards the former Celtics point guard.

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