Why the NCAA's Now-Botched 'Rich Paul Rule' Actually Made A Lot of Sense

Denver Nuggets v Philadelphia 76ers
Aaron Torres: “What the NCAA was afraid of was the whole FBI investigation that has come over college basketball over the last 2-3 years that centered around a low-level 24-year-old guy at an agency named Christian Dawkins. He really had no qualifications but had finagled his way into a place where he was now influencing kids and parents. This idea that this had anything to do with Rich Paul was just funny to me, because in reality it had more to do with the Christian Dawkins type guys, who have no business in advising these players. LeBron undercut his own guy Rich Paul in the process. Rich Paul worked at CAA, a major agency, for ten years before he ever took over for LeBron. The whole thing was a PR nightmare because of LeBron.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Aaron Torres (Filling in for Chris Broussard) explain why he thinks the NCAA’s now-amended ‘Rich Paul Rule’ was actually never meant to target the notable NBA agent who grew up with LeBron James, as Torres thinks the rule was meant in good nature.

Check out the audio below as Torres explains why the NCAA was trying to prevent another Christian Dawkins situation, and also details why he thinks LeBron James is to blame unfairly throwing Rich Paul’s name out as the victim, when Paul was already a well-established agent before he ever took over for LeBron, and thus was never meant to a be relevant name in this story.

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